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Understanding The Elimination Period In Your Long-Term Disability Policy

By Thomas Farrell |

When long-term disabilities happen, you count on benefits available through employer-provided policies to help you make ends meet. Unfortunately, not being clear on your terms of coverage can result in some unpleasant surprises. One of the most common concerns your LTD policy’s elimination period. This is a period of time in which you are… Read More »


Protecting Your Rights To Social Security Disability Benefits

By Thomas Farrell |

Social Security disability benefits can provide a steady source of income if you are unable to work. Unfortunately, even after years of working and building up the required credits, getting your claim approved is often a challenge. Once you go through the process and finally do get your application approved, you want to make… Read More »


Social Security Disability Benefits: Filling Out A Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) Form

By Thomas Farrell |

Social Security disability benefits can provide a life line if you are unable to work. Unfortunately, getting your benefits approved is often a challenge. One of the problems consists of the number of forms required. Not adequately understanding the information requested by the Social Security Administration (SSA) can end up resulting in denied or… Read More »


Preparing Now To File A Social Security Disability Claim In The Year Ahead

By Thomas Farrell |

It is difficult coming to terms with the fact that a chronic injury, illness, or other medical condition is progressing to the point that it interferes with daily activities. Unfortunately, there are a number of health issues that can result in long term disabilities. If you are eventually unable to work, you may be… Read More »


How The Holidays Could Impact Your Long-Term Disability Claim

By Thomas Farrell |

The holidays are one of the most festive times of the year. Despite concerns over COVID-19, you and your family likely still have tasks to attend to, such as decorating, planning parties, and shopping. If you have recently suffered a long-term disability, it is important to be aware of how these and other situations… Read More »


Autoimmune Disorders and Social Security Disability

By Thomas Farrell |

Autoimmune disorders comprise a long list of diseases that impact millions of people, putting their health at serious risk. Aside from the daily struggles sufferers face due to having a lowered immune system, flare ups of their condition can be completely debilitating. When these keep you from working or being able to provide for… Read More »


Long-Term Disability Benefits: Transitioning From ‘Own Occupation’ to ‘Any Occupation’ Benefits

By Thomas Farrell |

Long-term disability benefits provide in the event you are unable to work. However, just because this type of policy is in place does not mean you will automatically be approved. Even if the insurance company does grant your claim, there are still times when your benefits will be subject to review. One of the… Read More »


Falls – A Leading Cause of Long-Term Disabilities

By Thomas Farrell |

The changing seasons present a perfect opportunity to talk about fall risks. Aside from the obvious pun, these types of accidents are more likely to occur in the fall due to inclement weather and increased darkness. Unfortunately, even a seemingly minor slip and fall could leave you suffering long-term disabilities (LTD). It is important… Read More »


Common Causes of Long-Term Disability Among Young Adults

By Thomas Farrell |

Your 20s and early 30s are active working years. Young people at these ages are often busy building both income and their careers. Unfortunately, long-term disabilities can easily wreak havoc with your plans. Along with jeopardizing your health, they put both your current and future financial security at-risk. To protect yourself, be aware of… Read More »


Four Deceptive Practices Insurers Use To Deny Long-Term Disability Benefits

By Thomas Farrell |

Long-term disability benefits in Florida provide a source of income if you are unable to work. Unfortunately, your ability to collect benefits is contingent on the insurance company approving your claim. Insurance companies have a reputation for being difficult to work with and a financial motive to avoid paying out benefits. When filing your… Read More »

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