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Common Exclusions In Long Term Disability Policies

By Thomas Farrell |

Long-term disability insurance provided by your employer can help to offset lost income in the event an injury, illness, or chronic health condition prevents you from working. Unfortunately, these policies often contain exclusions that can either prevent you from obtaining benefits or limit the amount you receive. Find out more about common exclusions that… Read More »


Am I Eligible For Long Term Disability Benefits Due To COVID-19

By Thomas Farrell |

With businesses fully reopened, mask mandates largely gone, and a vaccine readily available, most of us are eager to return to normal and put the COVID-19 pandemic behind us. Unfortunately, some may find it more difficult to move on as they still struggle to recover from lingering side effects. Depending on the specific circumstances,… Read More »


How Heat-Related Illnesses Increase The Risks Of Long Term Disabilities

By Thomas Farrell |

The summer months in Florida are brutal in terms of the heat. If you work anywhere outside or in areas with poor air-conditioning, heat-related illnesses are a major concern. These can have lasting impacts on your health and increase your risks of long-term disabilities. Find out more about the potential dangers and long-term disability… Read More »


Make Reviewing Long-Term Disability Coverage One of Your New Year’s Resolutions

By Thomas Farrell |

A new year brings the opportunity for a fresh start for many people. It also is typically a time when we set new goals regarding our lifestyles, general health, and finances. New Year’s resolutions can help you avoid problems and sidestep potential challenges in the year ahead, but it is important to assess where… Read More »


Assessments Insurers Use In Approving Long-Term Disability Benefits

By Thomas Farrell |

Filing for long-term disability (LTD) benefits is often a time-consuming and confusing process. Meeting insurer qualifications is part of the process. Anytime you deal with LTD insurers, there will be assessments used to classify your level of disability. The following details some of these and other terms you may hear that are used to… Read More »


Documenting Your Long-Term Disability During Coronavirus Closures

By Thomas Farrell |

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every aspect of our daily lives for people. It has resulted in school and business closures, empty grocery store shelves, and general restrictions on activities. Unfortunately, responses designed to curb community spread can work against those seeking long-term disability benefits. Documenting your disability may prove more challenging but still… Read More »


Bad Faith Practices In Long-Term Disability Claims

By Thomas Farrell |

Long-term disability insurance can provide you with a steady income in the event you are unable to work. While these benefits may have been provided by your employer as part of your overall employee compensation package, you will still need to deal with an insurance company when it comes to filing a claim and… Read More »


Keeping a Journal Can Help Protect Your Rights in a Long-Term Disability Claim

By Thomas Farrell |

Chronic health conditions can quickly progress to the point where they result in long-term disabilities. Unfortunately, previous doctor visits and missed days from your job may have depleted your savings and left you with large amounts of outstanding medical debts. Planning how to afford monthly expenses once you reach the point that you are… Read More »


What Are My Long-Term Disability Risks?

By Thomas Farrell |

The end of the year is often a time for reflection on the past and our hopes for the future. Many of us will make resolutions on ways to improve our finances, lifestyle, and personal health. It generally requires taking a few practical steps to make these dreams a reality. Unfortunately, unexpected events can… Read More »


Know Your Long-Term Disability Risks and The Benefits You May Be Entitled To

By Thomas Farrell |

Working at your job, meeting family obligations, and keeping up with social activities or hobbies can keep you so busy that it is easy to lose track of important goals. One of your top priorities should be taking care of your health. Unfortunately, disabilities can easily sideline your dreams for the future and your… Read More »

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