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Your Options When Benefits Are Terminated

By Thomas Farrell |

Getting approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is no small feat, and almost always requires going through multiple levels of appeals that can stretch into years. This financial assistance is vital to most disabled individuals who suffer from impairments significant enough to prevent working, and once approved, these benefits can be paid… Read More »


Chronic Pain, Opioids And Qualifying For SSDI

By Thomas Farrell |

Finding ways to manage and cope with a disabling condition is a continual challenge, and treating physicians will often go through a number of options looking for a plan that can provide the highest amount of relief and return of functionality. Chronic pain, often linked to musculoskeletal conditions or injuries, is the daily reality… Read More »


Qualifying For SSDI Benefits As A U.S. Military Veteran

By Thomas Farrell |

Military veterans provided a valuable service to this country that often comes at significant physical and mental cost. The likelihood of suffering a disabling injury or developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is considerably higher for these individuals, and lead many to seek disability benefits when working becomes impossible. While most veterans instinctively turn to… Read More »


Delays On New Federal Regulations Meant To Help Disability Claimants

By Thomas Farrell |

Filing a claim for long-term disability insurance coverage is often a lengthy and frustrating process. Not only is a person dealing with debilitating mental and/or physical issues, but he/she must also worry about the financial implications of having the claim denied. Long-term disability coverage is offered through private individual insurance policies and through employer-sponsored… Read More »


How Failing To Follow Or Discontinuing Treatment Can Affect Your Disability Claim

By Thomas Farrell |

The bar to get approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits was specifically designed to be quite high, reflecting the program’s intent to limit benefits to those wholly unable to work due to disability. Temporary disability benefits are not offered, despite calls for this type of reform, which puts added pressure on the… Read More »


The Delicate Balance Of Working And Keeping SSDI Benefits

By Thomas Farrell |

Disability is not a circumstance that many people plan for in advance, or even think about as a possibility. If asked, most people would envision working until at least retirement age, but this imagined future may be completely derailed once the onset of a disability occurs. Most individuals unable to work due to disability… Read More »


Citizenship, Residency And Qualifying For SSDI

By Thomas Farrell |

Where a person chooses to live is much more fluid in today’s world compared with the past, when most people lived their entire life in one place. This fluidity has translated into people living in multiple States, and some to move outside the country entirely. This mobility may be beneficial for employment purposes, but… Read More »


Convincing The SSA To Approve Disability Benefits For Fibromyalgia

By Thomas Farrell |

Obtaining medical confirmation of a disabling condition or illness is a before-and-after moment that marks the time and place a person learns how their life will be drastically altered in the long-term or permanently. Unfortunately, bills and other necessary expenses must still be paid, and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is the option many… Read More »


SSDI And Cancer: Options For Obtaining Benefits

By Thomas Farrell |

Few moments in life are more striking or devastating than hearing a diagnosis of cancer. Not only do sufferers have to worry about the effects of the disease on their bodies, but there are also considerable debilitating effects from the drugs, chemotherapy and radiation that are routinely ordered to fight the cancer’s growth. Cancer… Read More »


Obtaining SSDI Benefits When Your Disability Is Invisible

By Thomas Farrell |

While society is not always accommodating toward individuals with disabilities, if the impairment is visible from the outside, people are more sympathetic and willing to help. This same level of understanding is not typically extended to those with disabilities that are not apparent. Nevertheless, many disabled persons experience an inability to work and turn… Read More »

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