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Pregnancy As A “Pre-Existing Condition” In Long-Term Disability Insurance Policies

By Thomas Farrell |

In terms of unsung heroes, long-term disability (LTD) insurance has to be ranked near the top. Typically an afterthought when filling out forms on an employee’s first day, most people do not pay any attention to this potentially catastrophe-saving employee benefit. In fact, it is most likely only when an employee is in need… Read More »


Obesity And Social Security Disability Insurance

By Thomas Farrell |

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are intended to provide financial support for individuals who are unable to work due to a debilitating disability. To ensure that this is the case, the Social Security Administration (SSA), the agency that examines SSDI applications, offers detailed descriptions as to what constitutes a debilitating disability. These descriptions… Read More »


New Disability Claim Procedures Now In Effect

By Thomas Farrell |

Insurance, in recent times, has become almost a necessity for life. From automobile to home, insurance allows many people a peace of mind, free from the worry of having to replace something should tragedy strike. Included with this is disability insurance, which serves to protect an employee from loss of income should he/she be… Read More »


Factors Influencing Long-Term Disability Coverage

By Thomas Farrell |

Individuals who are proactive and seek long-term disability coverage to protect their financial security and that of their family understandably take comfort in the benefits these policies provide. However, insurance companies, regardless of the type of policy under consideration, are primarily worried about limiting their exposure, and will try to limit when benefits must… Read More »


Fitting Nerve Pain Into An SSDI Claim

By Thomas Farrell |

Some of the most debilitating pain a person can experience is nerve-related. People experience this pain in a number of ways, but almost anyone who has felt nerve inflammation will say that it is overwhelming and unbearable. Despite the advancement of medical technology, there really is no effective way to treat nerve-related conditions for… Read More »


Autoimmune Disorders And SSDI Benefits

By Thomas Farrell |

The phrase autoimmune disorder encompasses a wide variety of conditions that can focus on one part of the body, or attack the system as a whole. Autoimmune disorders arise when the body can no longer distinguish between healthy tissues and invaders, such as viruses or bacteria, and thus, attack everything equally. Depending on the… Read More »


Special Considerations For Qualifying For SSDI With A Rare Disease

By Thomas Farrell |

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are a financial lifeline for millions of Americans suffering from disabilities. Qualifying for these benefits, though, despite paying into the system for years just to have the opportunity to apply, is not easy. Working with an experienced disability insurance attorney to assist with filing an SSDI claim is… Read More »


Delays On New Federal Regulations Meant To Help Disability Claimants

By Thomas Farrell |

Filing a claim for long-term disability insurance coverage is often a lengthy and frustrating process. Not only is a person dealing with debilitating mental and/or physical issues, but he/she must also worry about the financial implications of having the claim denied. Long-term disability coverage is offered through private individual insurance policies and through employer-sponsored… Read More »


SSDI And Cancer: Options For Obtaining Benefits

By Thomas Farrell |

Few moments in life are more striking or devastating than hearing a diagnosis of cancer. Not only do sufferers have to worry about the effects of the disease on their bodies, but there are also considerable debilitating effects from the drugs, chemotherapy and radiation that are routinely ordered to fight the cancer’s growth. Cancer… Read More »


Preexisting Conditions And Disability Insurance Coverage

By Thomas Farrell |

The point of buying a health insurance policy is that it will pay the benefits purchased when a problem occurs, regardless of when or how it arose. However, it is common for disability insurance policies to include coverage exclusion provisions for preexisting conditions, both in group employer-sponsored plans and individually purchased private policies. This… Read More »

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